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We Do Your


Our specialist will create an estimate for your repair.

We Run Insurance Process 

We will contact your insurance company and handle the whole claim.



Our technicians will take care of your repair the day you drop your vehicle

We Handle

Your Rental

Get you back on the road with our ENTERPRISE Rent-a-car alliance



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Need a Rental Vehicle?

At Lanier Collision Center, we have recognized the importance of your time for that reason we created an alliance with ENTERPRISE Rent-a-car that avoids you to burn time finding a way to be back on the road.

That is why we now offer ENTERPRISE Rent-a-car as our rental solution for as long as you may need it, whether it be for a few hours, days, or weeks, we offer a flexible variety of options through our new rental car service, starting with $40 a day.

Do you need a vehicle for an important business trip? or just need a more fuel-efficient vehicle for the weekend? Why wait for your car in service? Your day does not need to stop when you visit our premises, you can rent at our discounted rate, If your vehicle is being repaired at our Collision Center, we give you the convenience you want and deserve, an expedited process to return you back to the road. So we become a one-stop that solve or this problem.

We work with all insurance companies and not only repair your vehicle, but put you in one of the ENTERPRISE Rent-a-car rental vehicles. All our work is accompanied by a lifetime guarantee so know that we will stand by our work proudly when restoring your vehicle.

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